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  • Pea Pate

    Posted by Administrator on March 19, 2012 in Fruits & Vegetables

        3 cups of raw pea/bean sprouts
        red and green lentils,
        garbanzos beans
        peas (peas seem to be the ingredient that puts this over the top) adzuki beans
        1/2 to 3/4 cup of sublime Stella Cadente Meyer Lemon olive oil
        1/4 cup warm water
        1/2 to 1 tsp of good sea salt

    Grind up the peas in a blender, not a food processor. If you can rinse them and pull off the hulls, you can get a better paste, but less fiber; it's a tradeoff. You have to keep stopping and helping them to get chopped up.

    Once they are finely chopped, drizzle the oil through the lid of the blender slowly. Stop and help out with a wood spoon when the blender plasters everything to the sides of the jar.

    Add salt; add water, and keep drizzling, until you get the smoothness of pate you desire. Serve with a fine leafy sprout on top. I used arugula sprouts. The pepperiness was divine against the fulsome lemony flavor. I tried adding garlic to a small portion of the batch, and it fought the lemon. I tried the same with tahini: inferior.

    This recipe highlights the greatness of the oil just perfectly. It's almost as good as slurping spoonfuls, but since it is authentic "raw" and "vegetarian" food, it's very very good for you, probably a tad better than straight olive oil.

    Recipe coutesy of Janet Snoyer, New York
    (Janet is a vegetarian that suffers from food allergies and she discovered a recipe that really works well with our Meyer Lemon Oil)